20210914-4 Ruins challenge. 廃墟チャレンジ Puzzles & Survival パズル&サバイバル

20210914-4 Ruins challenge. 廃墟チャレンジ Puzzles & Survival パズル&サバイバル

The Ruins Challenge is Glory Medal Status.
Click the status on the right side of the zombie in the space suit to find out what status you lost.

84th / 120th floor. In this status check, all but the unit damage up and damage down statistics are lost. Fighter & Shooter Camp is level 28, 8 buildings are level 29, and the remaining 5 buildings are level 30.

The Fighter & Shooter camp was level 28, but I raised the level of these two camps to 29.
I raised the level of the two camps and checked their status. I challenged myself without thinking I could win. The result was defeated and I climbed to the 85th floor.

I have been playing this game since 2021/05/02.