20210907-2 Commander talent function 指揮官タレント機能 Puzzles & Survival パズル&サバイバル

20210907-2 Commander talent function 指揮官タレント機能 Puzzles & Survival パズル&サバイバル

In this verification video, stam 28 normally consumes 84 stams 3 times, but using the talent function, 20 stams consumes 80 stams 4 times.

I tried using the commander talent function.

Click the avatar icon in the upper left, then click the talent icon in the lower left.
Left, economic talent. In the middle, a combat talent. Right, balanced talent.
I have a commander level of 70 and can use 350 talent points. Use your talent points to select the skills you want and complete the economic, combat, and balance talent tree.

Hunt mastery of economic talent function. Click the book icon at the bottom right. Reduce zombie hunt stam consumption by -20% for 10 minutes. Since the battle is stronger than the battle, return to the battle talent before starting the attack.

In addition, there are two important factors. At the same time, we need friends who will participate in ZL41!
Another important factor is that my hero McCarty is +8. Hero McCarty, who has become +8, has a ZL41 consumption stam of 28. At +7, I forgot 29 and +6. I think the hero McCarty is the most important when it comes to answering who to focus on among all the heroes. Survival is a long-term battle!

I have been playing this game since 2021/05/02.